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I saw a few masterposts going around tumblr and decided to make one. A lot of these links are helpful for High School as well! Enjoy and please tell me if you have problems with any link.









Online Ruler

Thinking & Memorizing Tips

Research & Reading Tips

Finals Help Guide

Homework Help

Math Help

Geography Help

Study Playlist

Convert Anything To Anything

Productive Study Break Tips

Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam

AP Cram Packets

Writing Help

Free Microsoft Word Equivalent

Writing Software Master post

Cant Remember A Word?

Bibliography Maker

Social Media Citation Guide

Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing

Writers Block?

Coffee Shop Sounds

Essay Structure Guide

Want To Know Who You Write Like?


Alternatives To Expensive Textbooks

Download Free Books

Download Free Kindle Books

Free Audio Books


Thoughts Room

Panic & Anxiety Masterpost

Guided Relaxation

Stress Relievers

Chill Playlist

Cute Videos


Quick & Easy Snack Recipes

Study Snacks

The Collegiate Vegan

On The Go Breakfast Recipes

Brownie In A Cup


Check The Safety Of Any Website

Download From 8tracks

Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?

Self Defense Tips

Upload Anything From Your Smartphone To You Laptop

Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music

Prevent Hangovers

Netflix Recommendations 

Becoming An Adult Masterpost

All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged

Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies

Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link

Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists

Watch Musicals

List Of Universities On Tumblr

Where was this list when I was in undergrad?

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Married life

What’s the point in marrying someone that’s always talking about your weight. Just about everyday. To most men I run into they like a lil meat on their woman’s bones. But For some reason my husband is the only one constantly complaining about it. All he wants me to do is change completely for him.

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